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Hãy nhanh chân đến với Thiên đường vui chơi VinKE để thưởng thức các chương trình hấp dẫn tại mô hình hướng nghiệp như: Sở Cứu Hỏa, Công An, Bếp Trưởng Nhí,… các bộ phim 5D hấp dẫn, hệ thống xe điện đụng hiện đại và cùng tận hưởng chương[…]

VinKE Summer Camp 2016

VinKe Summer Camp 2016 is designed especially for children from 05 to 15 years old with 3 themes: I’m independent , I'm creative and I'm brave to help them confident, live responsibly and know how to protect themselves in life. Lasted in 09 weeks from  06.13.2016 to 08.12.2016 , the[…]

Shocking deals in May

Welcome summer with “extremely shocking” deals at Vinpearl Land Times City Visiting Vinpearl Land Time City in April and May, you will not only experience a totally dynamic entertainment paradise, but also enjoy lots of “Shocking deal” programs: “Aquarium’s Golden Day” – 50% off on every Thursday (deal valid until[…]

PENGO – The first penguin with Vietnamese nationality

Not only domesticating and taking care of tens of penguins under special conditions, Vinpearlland Aquarium Times City has also designed and constructed an ideal artificial environment for them to mate and breed. The initial result of this resource-intensive caring process is the birth of the penguin named Pengo, right at[…]

Free entrance to the Aquarium specimen gallery

Aquarium specimen gallery is opened to visitors at no cost Vinpearlland Aquarium Times City is not only an attractive place to visit, but also an informative  extra-curriculum “school”, with visual educational programs on sea environment, underwater life, as well as aquatic life care and conservation activities. Among those activities is[…]

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