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With a total area of up to 10,000m2 in Vincom Mega Mall Times City, VinKE & Aquarium Times City is the perfect combination of the largest modern aquarium in Vietnam and provides an entertainment area that feels like paradise. For the whole family, VinKE will bring customers an all-around unbelievable experience.

Known as a "miniature ocean" in the heart of Hanoi, right from the beginning of the launch of Vinpearl Land, the Aquarium Times City has become a unique destination for people in the capital. With an area of up to 4,000 m2, converging more than 30,000 different species in a volume of nearly 3 million liters of seawater, the Aquarium Times City has been recognized as the largest aquarium in Vietnam, as well as housing the first underwater tunnel in Hanoi.

Giai tri Times City 02

     The first underwater tunnel in Hanoi.

With the concept of "hundreds of rivers flowing to the sea," bringing together thousands of aquatic and reptile species from all over the world, Aquarium Times City is truly its own ocean environment. This facility is no less impressive since it houses several species that have never been seen before in Vietnam, such as penguins, giant spider crabs, and more.

In August 2014, Aquarium Times City became world famous as the birthplace of Pengo – the first penguin born in Vietnam.

Giai tri Times City 03

Birthday of Pengo

Ending a long journey with countless attractions at the Aquarium, the VinKE Educational Amusement Park offers a family-friendly entertainment getaway destination.

With a modern design model spread over an area of 6,000 m2, VinKE offers all members of the family a fabulous amusement area with exciting entertainment games in conjunction with the unique opportunity for education.

The idea began to create a "learning space" for children to experience their professional dreams: Get acquainted with the careers of their dream, discover and learn, learn more about different fields;  and more confident with the world around the world, VinKE has focused on developing vocational games with a series of models. Imagine a education models including Fire Department, Police Department, Military Academy, VinKE Hospital, VinKE dance club, Junior Master Chef, Fashion, Creative world,VinKE television, Agricultural Academy, Ocean Academy, Car repair workshop, etc!

Giai tri Times City 04

Experience professional dreams at VinKE hospital

If the vocational games are like the "voluntary" way for children to play grown-up, games and movement are really the way for the whole family to "play hard" but in a relaxed and cheerful setting. Here, VinKE offers its "World Games" area, with all the most modern games and fun diversions such as electric cars, or challenging simulators such as conquering the ball blaster..

Giai tri Times City 05

This must be just like being in paradise

Come to Aquarium Times City and the VinKE recreational entertainment space, together with the miniature ocean world of the aquarium. Discover magical moments for a family that can last a lifetime.

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