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Located inside Vincom Mega Mall Times City, Aquarium Times City has become a special “phenomenon”, drawing the attention and curiosity of the city’s numerous residents and tourists since it first came into operation (24th December 2013).

Aquarium Times City is acknowledged to be the most modern aquarium in Vietnam, setting various records:

  • First aquarium in Hanoi featuring a tunnel
  • The Aquarium with various species first time bought to Vietnam, such as Penguins, Giant Spider Crab, etc.
  • The Aquarium setting Vietnam’s record with a picture on “Joining hands to protect rare animals”, assembled from the largest number of photos (more than 7,000 photos taken by visitors to the Aquarium)

The place where the first Vietnam-born penguin  was given birth1


With an area of nearly 4,000 square meters, a holding capacity of 3 million liters of sea water, Aquarium Times City is where more than 30,000 individuals from all corners of the world gather. The visit journey is divided into 3 areas:

  1. Freshwater Fish Area

With the theme of "All the rivers run to the Sea", the exciting discovery to Aquarium Times City starts with the Freshwater fish area which is simulated as a tropical rainforest,

Here, visitors will step into a mysterious tropical space just like in the movies when seeing the big old trees beside a variety of creepers, the roughly flowing waterfall from upstream to downstream, and watch the large freshwater fish originated from Amazon River such as Arapaima, Discus fish, etc., or typical fish from Mekong river such as Catlocarpio siamensis, Freshwater Stingray, etc.


  1. Caves – Reptiles area

Parting the rainforest, visitors contemplate a world full of reptiles, amphibians and insects in the Caves – Reptiles area. Aquarium Times City is the first aquarium in Vietnam to own a reptile nurturing area, including a rich and diversified range of species, such as Lizards, Turtle, Tortoise , Gold pythons,etc.16

Besides, the tropical land's insects gathered here, including the Latrodectus, Red Centipede, King Scorpion… will bring to the visitors novel, exciting experiences.

  1. Saltwater Fish Area

For the first time in Vietnam, tourists will have the chance to admire the lovely  and naughty penguins. At Aquarium Times City, the penguins possess their own oasis whose living conditions resemble exactly that of their homeland. They will be nurtured in a specialised caring system with artificial nests engineered to enable the penguins to mate and reproduce.

The initial result of this resource-intensive caring process is the birth of the penguin named Pengo, right at Aquarium Times City in August 2014.

thuy-cung-3Stepping through the coast onto the 90 meter-long  dome tunnel, visitors will be immersed in the spacious deep blue oceanic world where they eye witness the fierce Sharks, the giant Stingrays, and thousands of other species living together, creating a miniature ocean in the heart of Hanoi.Cua nhen khong lo

 Finally, the Specimen gallery area with more than 200 specimens of various aquatic species around the world presented in magical lighting and exciting video footage will bring special and unforgettable experiences to the visitors.

Vui choi Times City 06

Aquarium Times City is not only about entertainment, but is also a remarkable place of tourism, educationally speaking. In addition to the contemplation of the diversity of exotic and colorful aquatic species, visitors have the opportunity to participate in Educational tours designed for multiple audience, especially the pupils, providing attractive and useful knowledge about Ocean world

Thuy cung Times City 07

Opening hours

9:30 – 22:00

(Holiday schedules may alter, please contact Hotline number for detailed information.)

Other facilities

Yummy Land Fastfood (Octopus Lobby – end of Main Tank’s tunnel)

Souvenir shop (inside Yummy Land)

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