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Vin Kids’ Edutainment provides a complete education and entertainment model for children in an area of nearly 6000m2, a perfect combination between "Physical growth – Knowledge Fostering – Soul Development".

Coming to VinKE, the children will engage in "learn through play" environment, discover and experience their favorite fields through vocational education models including Fire Department, Police Department, Military Academy, VinKE Hospital (Emergency , Pediatrics, Dentistry), VinKE dance club, Junior Master Chef, Fashion, Creative world,VinKE television , Archer school etc. The challenges faced in the vocational education modeldo not only bring the children exciting experiences, help them discover their own talents, develop intellectual attributes, but also equip them with necessary real life skills to promote self-confidence and self-reliance. In addition, extracurricular activities such as Vinpearl Land Summer Camp, i-Super survival skills courses are also the ideal options parents can select to help their children develop fully and happily.

Besides the vocational education models, VinKE also provides the children and their family a rich recreational space with the modern Games world, 5D Cinema with special effects (flavors, bubbles, smoke,etc), self-overcome challenges with Mirror maze, etc.

Openning hours 09:30 – 22:00
Capacity 2,000 people/ session

Career orientation model

Fire department

Police department

Military academy

Dentistry – VinKE Hospital

Emergency department – VinKE hospital

Children department – VinKE hospital

Fashion star

Dancing club

Junior Chef




Creative world

VinKE Broadcast


5D Cinema

Bumper cars

Mirror Maze

Fairy Garden


Modern games system

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