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Event calendar


Greeting event: Mascot welcomes customers with a huge rose bouquet then brings a fashmob dance in Women’s day songs. 

01/03 – 15/03/2016 daily

Special event for customers: The diver bings a board with message “Happy Women’s Day”, gives female visitors rose in every Mermaid shows.

04/03 – 13/03 daily

April – May

Check-in: Each kid will be given a sticker. Customers who check-in will be given a Pepsi.

20/04 – 03/05 daily

Greeting event: Mascot prepares flashmob dance in 30/4 music theme.

15/04 – 03/05 daily

Activities for group and single visitor: Many attractive activities for all ages.

11/04 – 08/05 daily

Aquarium Gold Day: Discount 50% ticket price

Thursday, until 26/05/2016

Combo Aquarim + VinKE: Discount 30% ticket price for the 2nd visited place

Until 25/05/2016

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